Best Tips for Women to wear Designer Suits in a Perfect Way

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To look good, you not only need to wear good clothes but should also know how to carry yourself by wearing them. The attire you choose to buy or possess has got a right way to wear using which you can look fabulous. Without perfecting those skills, no matter how good the clothes are, it may look shabby on you. So to help you feel confident for your special occasion, we have listed few tips that will help you wear designer suits in the most perfect way.


Wear a Suit with Right Fitting

One of the most important things to remember while buying a designer suit is to avoid buying too tight suits only to show off those curves. You need to understand that tight suits will make you feel uncomfortable after a while. So get attire that comes with the right fitting in which you are perfectly comfortable.

Match the Colors with your Skin Complexion

If you have a lighter complexion, the best choice would be to go for darker colors. Opt for pastel shades if you have a darker complexion or if you are slim. It will help you to feel more confident as well as comfortable in these colors.

Choose a Suit Considering your Height

When it comes to perfecting your look, you must consider a suit in accordance with your height. Go for long suits if you are taller or wish to look even taller. But if you have a short height, then avoid wearing long suits as it may not go well with your looks.

The Designer Cut Matters

It’s really important to choose designer suits with the right cut that goes well with your looks and also compliments your figure. Straight cuts will look good on you if you are slim or you have an hourglass shaped body. Anarkali suits will be a right choice for you if you have a pear shaped body as it helps to hide your curves.

Don’t opt for heavily Embroidered Designer Suits

One should avoid heavily embellished or embroidered suits as it will become difficult for you to carry your outfit in this scorching heat. Opt for a suit that comes with the minimal embroidery work and still looks elegant on you. It will also help you to stay active throughout the day

Wear Right Accessories

Wearing the right accessories will not only enhance your look but also boost your confidence. You can try a pair of earrings or a chain which will look elegant on you. Just try to avoid wearing accessories if you are opting for western attire.

The Last words

With these few essential tips, you can perfect the art of wearing a designer suit on the required occasions. These tips will help you to make a right choice when buying a suit and improve your style quotient too. So follow these easy tips and wear all your designer suits in a perfect way.…


5 Best Nike Shoes that will give your Looks an Extra Edge

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Nike is probably the world’s best sports apparel manufacturer and its shoes are always among the best. Most of the people who are interested in wearing stylish shoes prefer Nike over other brands owing to its superior quality and higher comfort level. If you are planning to buy Nike shoes and confused over which ones are worth your money, the following list shall help you out.


Best Nike Shoes to up your Fashion Quotient

A pair of good Nike shoes always adds up to your overall style and enhances it. But we all know that the range of shoes available by the brand is huge and selecting the good ones is no easy task. So, we have jotted down the best ones for you to choose from them also you can check nike shoes from Gofynd Website.

Nike Lunar Epic Flyknit

Two awesome features of Nike Lunarlon and Flyknit are brought together to create this wonderful looking pair of shoes. The best part about these shoes is comfort and you will be delighted to wear them for long durations. Although it’s available in many different colors, it looks awesome in the blue shade.

NikeLab ACG Lupinek Flyknit Low SFB

This one has a unique design that you might not have seen in other Nike shoes. Nike’s designers will supposedly be more inclined towards such designs because they pack all the features and the shoes looks good too. You can see applications of Flyknit and Flywire which are some of Nike’s best features in shoes.

NikeLab Air Zoom LWP

This is a special edition Nike shoe that is designed by famous fashion designer Kim Jones. Specially designed shoes are always better in terms of looks and style, they are way better than the ones available normally. The shoes have a nice travel theme to it and if you are someone who travels a lot, this one would look great on you along with providing a good amount of comfort.

NikeLab Air Rift Wrap

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that would look great on most of your outfits then the NikeLab Air Rift Wrap is a nice buy. Although it might not be a complete sneaker, the shoes look great on most people. The Nike logo in the shoes is also added in a unique way and matches with the shoe color.

Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit

We all need to admit that the Presto collection from Nike had some of the most sought after shoes in them. The same carries until now and the Ultra Flyknit promise you everything that you would want from a shoe. Nike had famously called it the ‘T Shirt for the foot’.

The Last Words

Although all of them look pretty awesome, selecting one might still be a daunting task. However, choose the one or as many as you want from the list as these Nike shoes are the best among the best. You would need to keep your budgets a little high but they are worth every penny you spend on them.…


BlackBerry says India can’t access encrypted data

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Denying reports that it has agreed to allow access to its encrypted corporate data to Indian authorities, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) Thursday said unscrambling encrypted email on its devices is simply not “technologically feasible.”


India has been seeking access to all encrypted communications as the terrorists involved the 2008 Mumbai attack communicated with their handlers by using sophisticated technology. It wants the Canadian company to install a server in India to monitor this service.

However, RIM, which has got two reprieves since August and assured a solution by Jan 31, is not willing to compromise on the privacy of this encrypted service which has made its smart phones a darling of businesses.

Reacting to the report from New Delhi that it has agreed to installation of a ‘network data analysis system’ in India to let security agencies check secure BlackBerry data, RIM said it is ‘inaccurate and misleading.’

The report conveys the impression as if it is “somehow enabling access to data” transmitted through its business server system, RIM told the Canadian Press.

“This is both false and technologically infeasible,” it said.

This so-called “network data analysis system” is just a tool required to allow carriers in India to provide lawful access to its consumer services, including its instant messaging service, RIM was quoted as saying.

“This is not new information as RIM has repeatedly confirmed that it is co-operating with the government of India and enabling carriers to lawfully access consumer services to the same degree imposed on RIM’s competitors in India.”

The Canadian wireless giant has said in the past that it doesn’t have a ‘master key’ to get a third party access to encrypted corporate data under any circumstances.

According to RIM, India’s demand for installing servers in the country is meaningless as all data remain encrypted at all times through all points of transfer between the BlackBerry enterprise server and client smart phones.

The company said it was working with Indian authorities for allowing them access to its consumer services, including the highly popular BlackBerry messenger service.…


Apple slapped with privacy lawsuit

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Apple has been slapped with a lawsuit contending that applications for its iPhone and iPad unlawfully provide unique and personal information about users to advertising networks.

The lawsuit against Apple and four other companies that provide apps for its popular devices was filed in San Jose, California Dec 23 but was first reported Wednesday by Bloomberg News.


The lawsuit comes amid increasing concern that apps on Apple’s iOS operating system and Google’s rival Android software are leaking sensitive personal information about their users.

Filed by Jonathan Lalo of Los Angeles, the complaint asks for class action status and contends users of the iPhone and iPad “were the victims of privacy violations and unfair business practices by Apple”.

The other companies included in the suit are Backflip, Pandora, and The Weather Channel.

The complaint alleges that the apps transmit unique and personal information to ad networks without users’ consent and in contravention of Apple’s claims to have implemented “strong privacy protections” for users of the App Store, where every app available is reviewed and approved by the company.

The lawsuit said that the information being illegally provided to ad networks included “users’ location, age, gender, income, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political views”, in violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as well as other state and federal laws.…


Facebook valued at $50 bn after new investment

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Facebook has nabbed $450 million in funding from investment bank Goldman Sachs that values the social networking company at $50 billion, the New York Times reported Monday.

The company also took a $50-million investment from Russian firm Digital Sky Technologies, which has already invested some $500 million in Facebook.


News of the investment came just days after the site was named as the most popular site in the US in 2010 as well as the most searched-for term. The company last year passed the 500 million member mark.

The investment makes the privately held Facebook worth more than media conglomerate Time Warner and tech titans Yahoo and eBay.

It also ups the fortune of Facebook’s 26-year-old founder Marc Zuckerberg, who was reckoned to be worth some $7 billion when his company’s valuation was estimated at $23 billion last year.

According to the Times, Goldman Sachs is planning to offer its Facebook shares to its clients as part of a $1.5-billion investment fund.

The report said that the money will give Facebook more firepower to lure employees from rivals such as Google, “develop new products and possibly pursue acquisitions – all without being a publicly traded company”.…


Apple designing ‘no-glasses’ 3D technology

December 21, 2014 thelatestnews 0

Computer giant Apple, the company behind the iPod and iPhone, is working on a next generation 3D technology for TV and movies that does away with its biggest problem – 3D glasses.

Most current 3D technologies require viewers to wear glasses that allow the right and left eye to see slightly different images to produce the illusion of depth on the screen.


The Apple system relies upon a special screen that is dotted with tiny pixel-sized domes that deflect images taken from slightly different angles into the right and left eye of the viewer, reports the Telegraph.

By presenting images taken from slightly different angles to the right and left eye, this creates a stereoscopic image that the brain interprets as three-dimensional.

A patent recently granted to Apple, however, has now sparked speculation that it may even go further than 3D domain by offering the chance for holographic films.

But holographic movies would require new filming techniques, different from the one currently used by the movie industry to ensure actors are filmed from multiple angles.

Apple also proposes using 3D imaging technology to track the movements of multiple viewers and the positions of their eyes so that the direction the image is deflected by the screen can be subtly adjusted to ensure the picture remains sharp and in 3D.

The Apple patent claims this technology would also create images that appear to be holographic because of the ability to track the observers movements.

It states: “An exceptional aspect of the invention is that it can produce viewing experiences that are virtually indistinguishable from viewing a true hologram.

“Such a ‘pseudo-holographic’ image is a direct result of the ability to track and respond to observer movements.”

Leander Kahney, consumer technology expert and author of the book “Cult of Mac” said: “If Apple cracks the technology, it could help make 3D the dominant display technology. It certainly does away with the biggest problem – the 3D glasses.”…


Essar CEO Prashant Ruia questioned by CBI

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essar-telecoms-ceo-prashant-ruiaEssar Telecom’s CEO Prashant Ruia was Thursday questioned for close to two hours by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at its headquarters here in connection with the 2G telecom scam, officials said.

“The questioning has ended now and he has just left our office,” a CBI official told IANS around 9 p.m.

The investigation agency had earlier told a Delhi court that at least two telecom firms, Swan Telecom and Unitech, had received favours from the then Communications Minister A. Raja. Raja was arrested in connection with the 2G spectrum allocation scam and was Thursday sent to Tihar Jail after a court ordered his detention for 14 days in judicial custody.

Top officials of other telecom companies who were allocated spectrum and licenses for 2G mobile phone services were also questioned by the CBI.

The scam relates to irregularities in the allotment of second generation spectrum to telecom companies that caused a notional loss of Rs.1.76 lakh crore to the national exchequer.…